AutoCAD Intermediate Project Based Training

Training session facilitated by Ace Industrial Academy.

Trainees will be guided on the basic engineering drafting requirement and formatting of engineering drawings to comply with the National Standards and Requirements (CP83) using AutoCAD 2018.

Trainees will also learn other useful tools such as layers, scales, title blocks; and functions such as plotting/printing, attributes definition, and data extraction.

Trainees will be given opportunities to clarify any doubts and/or put to practice what they have learnt at the Guided Practical Sessions led by our Professional CAD/BIM Trainer.

*A Certificate of Completion will be issued to each trainee at the end of the course.*

Prerequisite: Completed AUTOCAD (BASIC)* or its equivalent, and a basic working knowledge of Microsoft® Windows applications.

Day 1 – Lecture 1

1 2D Isometric drawing
1.1 Presenting your 2D design isometrically
1.2 Creating 2D isometric diagrams/drawings
1.3 Placing Dimensions & Annotation on 2D isometric drawings
2 Introduction to 3D
2.1 The use of 3D modeling in the modern era of drafting
3 3D Primitive Solids and Editing
3.1 Basic 3D shapes
3.2 Generating 3D model from 2D drawing
3.3 Creating complex 3D solids
4 3D Dimensioning and Annotations
4.1 Ensuring accuracy, placing dimensions, annotations and texts on your 3D

Day 2 – Lecture 2

5 Orthographic Projection
5.1 Understanding the use of orthographic projection
5.2 A systematic way of showing 3D objects in multiple 2D views
5.3 Placing Dimensions & Annotation Text on 2D Isometric diagrams/drawings
6 3D Render
6.1 Improving/enhancing surface texture of 3D Model
7 Section & Detail
7.1 Clarifying interior structures using Section View
7.2 Generating 2D and 3D sections
7.3 Understanding the use of detail drawings
7.4 Creating/Generating 2D and 3D detail drawings
8 3D Flatten & Flatshot
8.1 Deflating your 3D models to 2D
8.2 Exploring best methods

Day 2 – Practical

1 Review of Learning (Day 1 & 2)
2 Applying learning to project assignment
3 Question & Answer (Q&A)

Lecture & Practical:

2 day x 8 hours = 16 hours

Start time: 9:00am
Lunch: 1:00pm – 2:00pm
End time: 6:00pm

This course is intended for professionals:

  • Civil Engineers/ Mechanical Engineers
  • Product Designers and Developers
  • Instructors/ Trainers/ Students

Course Fees payable:

S$ 300.00 excl. Goods & Services Tax (GST)

S$ 321.0 incl. Goods & Services Tax (GST)

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6 Ace Industrial Academy reserves the rights to change the fees at any time and modify terms of claims without any prior notice.

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